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The A.P.E.S. Wiki is a platform for site-level information on ape status and conservation. The wiki provides summarized and standardized information on ape population status, threats, and conservation and research activities in an accessible way. The information is compiled from scientific publications, reports, and experts with work experience at the sites. 

The A.P.E.S. Wiki is a collaborative effort of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group Section on Great Apes (SGA) and Section on Small Apes (SSA). We are currently expanding our efforts to include all 34 great ape and small ape taxa. Entries are categorised by taxon, region, country and site. Original ape survey data are curated by, and accessible from, the IUCN SSC A.P.E.S. Database.

Your input is extremely valuable for the growth and maintenance of the wiki. You are welcome to contribute by editing information on existing wiki pages, or by creating a page for an ape site not yet included. To edit or add a new site, please contact Isabel Ordaz-Nemeth, at inemeth[at]

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