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2017 - 2020


Membership of SSC is conferred by becoming a member of one of the Commission’s sub-groups (e.g. Steering Committee, Sub-Committees, Specialist Groups, Red List Authorities, Task Forces, Working Groups). Membership of these groupings is voluntary and by invitation. SSC seeks to engage cutting-edge experts in all disciplines relevant to the conservation and management of biodiversity. It engages such people with due regard for diversity, be it in terms of gender, age, culture, language, nationality and expertise. By design, SSC members do not hold a common view on most conservation-related issues. Rather, SSC cherishes its diversity and fosters open, respectful, rigorous and evidence-based debate among its members”. - IUCN SSC 2017-2020 Mandate.


All of the following are required for membership within the SGA:

  • 10 Years demonstrated work and/or educational experience involving great ape and related conservation projects in Africa and/or Asia, preferably at a senior level.  Academic credentials will also be taken into consideration but a PhD is not required.

  • Two SGA members support the nominee’s candidacy

  • Approval  by Vice-Chairs in consultation with PSG Chair.


Criteria for Renewing SGA Membership: the person should have done at least one of the three following activities, and preferably more, in the previous cycle:

  • Participation in an SGA working group or task force.

  • Involvement in an SGA activity, publication, or position statement.

  • Engagement with the Executive Committee, Vice-Chairs, PSG Chair.


Renewal of membership will require a short statement by the member of how he or she has contributed to the work of the SGA over the previous term.  Final approval of renewed membership will be made by the Vice-Chairs in consultation with the PSG Chair.

Executive Committee



Konate, Alex

Kone, Inza

Koops, Kathelijne

Kormos, Rebecca

Kuehl, Hjalmar

Kujirakwinja, Deo

Lanjouw, Annette

Lonsdorf, Elizabeth

Maisels, Fiona

Marshall, Andrew

Matsuzawa, Tetsuro

Mbangi Mulavwa, Norbert

Meder, Angela

Meijaard, Erik

Mitani, John

Mittermeier, Russ

Morgan, Bethan

Muehlenbein, Michael

Nakamura, Michio

NdiayePapa Ibnou

Ngobobo, Urbain

N'Goran, Paul

Nurcahyo, Anton

Nutter, Felicia

Oates, John

Oram, Felicity

Otali, Emily

Piel, Alex

Pintea, Lilian

Plumtree, Andrew

Prasetyo, Didik

Refisch, Johannes

Robbins, Martha

Ron, Tamar

Sailou Diallo, Mamadou

Sanz, Crickette

Scholfield, Katy

Sherman, Julie

Shumaker, Robert

Simon, Donna

Singleton, Ian

Soiret, Serge

Sop, Tene

Ssebide, Bernard

Stephenson, P.J.

Stoinski, Tara

Sulistyo, Fransiska

Supriatna, Jatna

Takozekibi Nampindo, Simon

Tatang, Mitra Setia

Tedonzong, Luc

Todd, Angelique

van Schaik, Carel

Wallis, Janette

Wessling, Erin

White, Allison

Wich, Serge

Williamson, Liz

Yamakoshi, Gen

Abwe, Ekowge

Ancrenaz, Marc

Arandjelovic, Mimi

Beck, Benjamin

Bennett, Liz

Bergl, Richard

Bikaba, Dominique

Blom, Allard

Boesch, Christophe

Breuer, Thomas

Brown, Mary

Butynski, Tom

Byler, Dirck

Campbell, Genevieve

Carlsen, Frands

Cipolletta, Chloe

Cox, Debby

Danquah, Emmanuel

DeJongh, Tom

Deschner, Tobias

Doumbe, Orisis

Dunn, Andrew

Dupain, Jef

Ellis, Christina

Emery Thompson, Melissa

Farmer, Kay

Fawcett, Katie

Fitzgerald, Maegan

Fourrier, Marc

Fowler, Andrew

Fuh Neba, Terence

Gilardi, Kristen

Gillespie, Thomas

Goedmakers, Annemarie

Goldberg, Tony

Gonder, Katy

Greengrass, Elizabeth

Greer, David

Grueter, Cyril

Hadisiswoyo, Panut

Harrison, Mark

Hart, John

Hartel, Jessica

Head, Jojo

Herbinger, Ilka

Hicks, Cleve

Hobaiter, Catherine

Hockings, Kimberley

Humle, Tatyana

Ikemeh, Rachel

Inaoyom, Imong

Ingram, Daniel

Inogwabini, Bila-Isia

Junker, Jessica

Kamenya, Shadrack

Kamgang, Serge

Kaplin, Beth

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