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This document contains results from a workshop in March 2015 designed to develop the second iteration of a strategic plan for the Greater Gombe-Mahale Ecosystem (GME). This work is based on several earlier planning efforts based in this region. It follows the general methodology and approach of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, linked to spatial analyses using GIS and remote sensing data. This document contains elements from the high-level plan for the overall program area as well as templates for more specific project-level plans that can be undertaken within the overall program area. This document could also serve as the basis for the next iteration of a Tanzanian National Chimp Conservation Plan.

Citation: : TANAPA, TAWIRI, WD-MNRT, USFWS, USAID, CBSG, FOS, FZS, JGI, TNC & WCS. 2015. Gombe-Mahale Ecosystem Conservation Action Planning, v2.0.

Gombe-Mahale ecosystem conservation acti
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