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This document summarises the activities and results of the “Tanzania Chimpanzee Conservation Action Planning Workshop”, held at the White Sands Hotel & Resort in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, January 19th – 21st of 2010.


Over 40 people who represented 25 institutions from government agencies, local and international NGOs, and key research organisations studying chimpanzees, worked together to review and update information from previous regional conservation plans, and used this information to design a suite of measurable conservation strategies to abate the most critical threats to chimpanzee viability, within a national perspective.

Citation: JGI, TNC, CBSG, FZS, WCS, WD-MNRT, TAWIRI and USFWS. 2011. Tanzania Chimpanzee Conservation Action Planning Workshop Report. Jane Goodall Institute

Tanzania chimpanzee conservation action
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